Focus Pointe Global offers the largest and most comprehensive market research capability set and research facility locations in the United States.


FPG Think Tank™ houses platforms that bring people together to share ideas and opinions, to invite thoughtful discussion, and to generate actionable insights. Essentially, FPG Think Tank™ serves as an “Idea Incubator,” utilizing our 1.5 million opt-in member panel. FPG Think Tank™ includes FPG Communities™, FPG Polling™, Gauge Mobile App, and STARS Product Use Research Experience™. Download the PDF

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In a market characterized by change and complexity, polling provides deep insight into your customers' likes and dislikes, lifestyles, and buying behaviors.

Our comprehensive 1.5 million opt-in member panel offers unprecedented polling capabilities for clients seeking efficient and exhaustive data across any topic. Our Polling program allows quick insights gathered from a national audience of your target customer, and is both nimble and economical. Download the PDF

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Identifying trends and market information in a timely manner is the core of what market research represents.

Gauge App

Gauge is Focus Pointe Global’s very own lifestyle mobile app, where participants swipe left or right to provide a prompt “either/or” answer in response to a given stimulus. It’s the perfect way to receive an instant reaction to a product, concept, or social issue. While the Gauge App is a perfect way to gain insights from gadget-obsessed Millennials, we have found the app to be popular across all age groups. Download the PDF

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To remain viable, companies need to build stronger customer relationships. Online communities allow businesses to authentically engage and forge a more meaningful bond with their customers.


Focus Pointe Global’s versatile online community platform quickly monitors and analyzes qualitative data for research groups of up to 500 participants. Online communities feature asynchronous discussion threads that create and measure immediate reactions and auditory and visual cues. Sessions are available in real-time or through archived recordings. The platform is easily integrated with online surveys and requires no third-party downloads or software installations. Download the PDF

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88% of consumers say they trust online peer evaluations as much as personal recommendations. -Brightlocal

STARS Product Use Research Experience™ works with both national retailers and small businesses to provide completely honest and objective online customer evaluations. 90% of consumers claim positive evaluations influence their decision to purchase products. STARS organically creates a collection of customer evaluations by placing your products in the hands of customers, who test and submit thorough and objective evaluations on retail sites. Our 1.5 million member participant panel allows us to target evaluators that represent your target audience. Download the PDF

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