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Focus Pointe Global Announces Its New FPG Think Tank™ Platform

Focus Pointe Global (FPG), a marketing research data collection company with 18 research centers across the United States, has unveiled its new FPG Think Tank™ platform, designed to deliver immediate and reliable insights from its industry-leading research participant database.

An industry leading expert, Focus Pointe Global is dedicated to developing cutting-edge research tools and solutions to provide quality marketing research to each client served. Utilizing its 1.6 million opt-in participant panel, FPG Think Tank™ is a collection of online platforms that facilitates bringing people together to collaboratively share ideas and opinions for thoughtful discussion that generates meaningful, actionable insights for clients.

The collection of FPG Think Tank™ platforms include:

  • FPG Communities™: a qualitative online community platform that gives clients instant online feedback for research groups of up to 500 participants
  • FPG Polling™: provides polling capabilities to clients looking for efficient and exhaustive data on any topic
  • Gauge Mobile App: a lifestyle mobile app that provides clients with instant reactions to a product, concept, or social issue
  • STARS Product Use Research Experience™: a review program designed to generate honest and objective customer reviews to specific products online

“Focus Pointe Global is always working to raise the standard of excellence to provide clients with valuable customer insights. And for decades, FPG has been using methods that go beyond the norm,” said Laura Livers, Chief Executive Officer. “As interactions online continue to grow and evolve, so does the increased demand for new innovative online services. We are very excited to be offering the new FPG Think Tank™ platform as it will help businesses reach their target audiences and continue to drive client success.”

Please visit the new corporate website at www.focuspointeglobal.com.