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Focus Pointe Global Announces the Release of V2 of Gauge

New release of the Gauge app expands options for market researchers to receive targeted, rapid audience feedback on potential new products; the Gauge App is a core element of the Focus Pointe Global FPG Think Tank™ Platform.

ATLANTA, GA February 19, 2018 – A year after announcing the Gauge mobile insights app as an integral part of its FPG Think Tank™ suite of service offerings, Focus Pointe Global is now presenting V2 of the app to its client base.

With the advent of V2, Marketing Technology Company, Gauge Insights has created a dynamic user experience by expanding survey-taking options and visual stimuli. Through short, customized campaigns of 15 questions or less, the Gauge app engages users in the moment with compelling visual and text choices that capture immediate insights.

Focus Pointe Global and Gauge Insights partnered together to fulfill clients’ need for a quick-insights tool that offers a way to quickly take the pulse of consumers on a concept, logo, idea, package design, etc. Results streamline the design process by culling down a wide array of concepts, allowing researchers to focus on the concepts selected by Gauge users for further consideration and development.

Focus Pointe Global has incorporated the Gauge technology platform as a core element of their FPG Think Tank™ platform, while Gauge Insights leverages Focus Pointe Global’s existing respondent panel to grow their user pool.

“Our clients have told us they need fast, cost-effective insights. As part of our FPG Think Tank™ offering, Gauge aligns perfectly with our mission to help our clients grow by providing them the tools and partnership they need to drive success. Gauge is as powerful as it is easy to use.” Laura Livers, CEO of Focus Pointe Global, said. “By offering innovative and speed-enhancing options to gain insights, we are meeting the needs of our clients while bringing new and exciting ideas to the industry.”

“At Gauge Insights, we’re able to use our technology to provide brands with customized surveys that give quality responses about product features to make data-driven decisions more quickly,” Jonathan Allen, Founder and CEO of Gauge Insights, said. “Our partnership with FPG not only helps us to validate our market, but also allows us to learn from one of the leading market research firms in the country as we continue to iterate our product.

About Focus Pointe Global
Focus Pointe Global provides high-quality qualitative and quantitative marketing research data collection services by embracing innovation – leveraging new techniques and technologies to make market insights more accessible, accurate, and affordable. Whether it is quick-turn insights or more in-depth research, FPG provides solutions for pinpoint accuracy in delivering the right participants, at the right time, in the right environment.

With 19 research facilities nationwide, a deeply profiled proprietary panel, and an unrivaled team of experts, we partner with our clients with professional integrity to ensure excellent outcomes and the highest level of service quality.

About Gauge Insights
Gauge Insights is a marketing technology company that allows brand marketers to make data-driven business decisions in real time. Gauge Insight’s mobile app, Gauge, allows companies to create a customized campaign on its survey platform, and receive valuable feedback from app users within its target audience. Users are rewarded for their input by earning points, which can later be redeemed for a choice of gift cards inside the app — a process also managed by Gauge. For more information on Gauge Insights, please visit www.gaugeinsights.com

Charlotte Daley
VP Brand Communications, Focus Pointe Global