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FPG Participates in a New GRIT CPR (Consumer Participation in Research) Report

Knowing how to reach, engage, and understand people is the foundation of insights. Yet, as an industry we’ve struggled to prioritize the respondent experience.

Although respondent engagement is crucial to our industry, according to findings from the most recent GRIT Report, most research companies do not consider respondent user experience a high priority. To create The GRIT Consumer Participation in Research (CPR) Report, GreenBook partnered with a dream team of market research category experts, including Focus Pointe Global, to address this discrepancy by connecting directly with participants about their engagement and satisfaction with the research process.

The survey asked questions surrounding the types of research they participate in (qual and quant), frequency of participation, preferred method/device for participation, how they would like to receive invitations, what rewards they want, the impact of survey design, and more.

Some of the key findings included:

  • Design: Nearly half of all respondents admitted that the design of a survey impacts their willingness to complete it
  • Length: Fifty-five percent of respondents said surveys should be 10 minutes or shorter in length, and yet the average interview is double that length
  • Motivation: There are many reasons why respondents participate in surveys: one-third cite a desire to earn rewards or prizes, while others like giving their opinions (6%); want their opinions heard and acted on (13%); they are interested (9%); they enjoy it (11%)
  • Incentive: Across all sample types, countries and demographics respondents want incentive flexibility: reward them the way they want to be rewarded and give them choices

It’s time to bring the participant experience to the forefront, and this report is a key tool to help us do so.