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FPG Says: A New Poll on Home Technology

We polled a random, national sample of 550 males and females between the ages of 18 to 64 on the topic of home technology brands, devices, and content sources.



We asked respondents to rate the following consumer technology brands on a scale of 1 to 5, with ‘5’ being the top mark, and ‘1’ being the lowest mark: Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Dell, Sony, and HP.   The highest-rated brand, with nearly 50% of respondents rating the brand a ‘5’, is Apple.  Samsung and Google are close contenders for the second-highest rated brand, with 41.7% rating Samsung a ‘5’, and 40.3% rating Google a ‘5’.  Top-rated brands Apple and Google also have the largest percentage of respondents that report no brand experience; 6.7% report having no experience with the Apple brand, and 7.3% report having no experience with the Google brand.  Samsung shows the most user experience across all of the listed brands; only 2.7% report having no experience with the Samsung brand.  The brand with the most ‘1’ ratings is LG, which has almost twice as many ‘1’ ratings as any of the other listed brands (5.1% total).

Each age group had at least one brand that they rated higher than any other age group.

  • Ages 55 to 64 gave more ‘5’ ratings to Samsung, Sony, and HP brands than other age groups
  • Ages 45 to 54 gave more ‘5’ ratings to LG and Dell brands than other age groups
  • Ages 25 to 34 gave more ‘5’ ratings to the Apple brand than other age groups
  • Ages 18 to 24 gave more ‘5’ ratings to the Google brand than other age groups


Respondents were then asked about the brand of their current smartphone, as well as the brand of their previous smartphone.  Approximately 79% of respondents currently own either an Apple iPhone (45.7%) or a Samsung smartphone (32.9%).

When comparing current smartphone brand ownership to previous smartphone brand ownership, the largest increase is for the Apple iPhone (up 6.8%).  Google Pixel (up 1.6%) and “Other” (up 2.7%) smartphone brand ownership also increased.  “Other” brands mentioned include Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, and Nokia.  Samsung (down 3.3%) and LG (down 5.3%) ownership decreased.

Only 2.2% of respondents report not owning a smartphone at the present time.  When asked about previous ownership, 4.7% told us they did not have a smartphone prior to their current one or they have never owned a smartphone.


One can infer from the data that iPhone owners are loyal to the Apple brand; 84.9% of current Apple iPhone owners are also previous Apple iPhone owners.  Only 57.8% of previous Samsung smartphone owners are still Samsung smartphone owners; 37.8% of prior Samsung smartphone owners now own Apple iPhones.  12.0% of prior Apple iPhone owners made the transition to a Samsung smartphone.

The LG brand saw the largest decrease in brand ownership (down 5.3%).  Just under one-third (31.6%) of prior LG smartphone owners are still currently LG smartphone owners, while another 31.6% of prior LG smartphone  owners are now Samsung owners.  The remaining 37.8% of prior LG smartphone owners are now Apple iPhone owners (18.4%), “Other” smartphone owners (17.1), and Google Pixel owners (1.3%).

Smart Speakers

Nearly 50% of respondents have yet to get into the groove with smart speaker ownership. The Amazon Echo is most-owned among respondents (just over 58%). Google Home and “Other” smart speaker brands follow at 22.8% and 17.8%, respectively.  The Apple HomePod is only owned by 9.8%. Approximately 8% of respondents own more than one smart speaker.

TV & Streaming Services

Consumers have their choice of TV and streaming services these days, and most respondents are subscribers to more than one service.  We specifically asked respondents about Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and cable television.

The most subscribed-to streaming service is Netflix; more than 75% of respondents subscribe to this service.  Amazon Prime has the second-most subscriptions at 65.5%, followed by cable television at 55.0%.


Only 16.5% of respondents subscribe to a single media service.  The majority of single-service subscribers are using cable television (39.1%) or Netflix (35.6%) as their only content source.

Well over half (57.3%) of respondents subscribe to three or more services.  The most popular service subscription combination is that of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and cable television; nearly 16% of respondents subscribe to all three of these services.

The most commonly-seen dual subscriptions:

  • 57.2% subscribe to both Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • 44.5% subscribe to both Netflix and Cable
  • 39.4% subscribe to both Cable and Amazon Prime
  • 35.9% subscribes to both Netflix and Hulu
  • 30.6% subscribe to both Hulu and Amazon Prime

By Ann Ali