FPG Video Capture

Powered by LivingLens

FPG Video Capture turns video and images into data for the consumer insights industry.

FPG Video Capture, powered by LivingLens, allows clients to easily capture video content, as well as images and audio, from respondents using their mobile devices. The LivingLens platform extracts meaningful data from multimedia content, empowering users to interpret content efficiently. The solution provides rich insights, revealing what people think, do, and feel and will allow users to reach respondents at any time, regardless of location.

Video provides more engaging, more accessible, and more persuasive insight.

Video is a powerful tool for storytelling and engaging key stakeholders to drive action.

Video is a rich data source to gather compelling, qualitative insights, providing at least 6 times more information compared to an open-ended text response. Video is a powerful medium for storytelling, bringing the customer to life.

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How does it work?

The Video Capture App provides an easy way to capture in-the-moment content.

Qualitative Video Capture App

LivingLens’ Qualitative Video Capture App is an easy way to capture in-the-moment content. With the app, there’s no need to send a film crew – respondents can easily film themselves. The Video Capture App can be used to supplement other methodologies, like pre- and post-focus group and in-the-moment customer journeys. Features include:

  • Tailored assignments based on project needs
  • Simple user experience
  • Ability to use the app in any signal circumstance, including out of range or Airplane mode
  • Zero impact upon data allowances
  • In-app push messages

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