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Gauge Insights Launches Market Research App in Partnership with FPG

Gauge Insights, a new marketing technology company, focuses on providing quality market research data to companies more quickly than ever. With its new app, the company has applied technology in a way that gives brands the ability to create various campaigns and receive feedback on new concepts, package designs, ad campaigns, and branding designs. Users of the app are then rewarded for their input by earning points, which can later be redeemed for a choice of gift cards inside of the app. As Gauge Insights continues to grow, it will release new features to include text-questions and testing multiple images at once. Gauge’s goal is to be the go-to platform for quick insights.

“Market research is a $44 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. At Gauge Insights, we’re able to use our technology to provide brands with customized surveys that give instantaneous, quality responses about product features to make data-driven decisions more quickly,” Jonathan Allen, Founder and CEO of Gauge Insights, said. “Our enterprise dashboard was created so companies can target an always-engaged audience with precision, allowing us to generate responses typically within minutes.”

Focus Pointe Global will utilize the Gauge technology platform as part of their FPG Think Tank™ platform, while Gauge Insights will leverage Focus Pointe Global’s existing respondent panel to grow their user pool. Allen adds, “Our partnership with FPG not only helps us to validate our market, but also allows us to learn from one of the leading market research firms in the country while rapidly iterating our product.”

“Our clients have told us they need faster insights. As a core element of our FPG Think Tank™ offering, Gauge aligns perfectly with our passion to help our clients grow by providing them the tools and partnership they need to drive success in their businesses,” Laura Livers, CEO of Focus Pointe Global, said. “By offering innovative and speed-enhancing options to gain insights, we hope to meet the needs of our clients while also bringing new and exciting ideas to the industry.”

About Gauge Insights
Gauge Insights is a marketing technology company that allows brand marketers to make data-driven business decisions in real time. Gauge Insight’s first mobile app, Gauge, allows companies to create a customized campaign on its survey platform, and receive feedback from hundreds of people within its targeted audience in minutes. Users are rewarded for their input by earning points, which can later be redeemed for a choice of gift cards inside the app — a process also managed by Gauge. For more information on Gauge Insights, please visit http://www.gaugeinsights.com

About Focus Pointe Global
Focus Pointe Global is dedicated to emerging technologies and is continually exploring ways to meet and exceed the demands of a fast-moving, increasingly mobile industry.

FPG is a marketing research company with data collection services that include a wide range of in-person and online methodologies. Our purpose is to help companies make better decisions about the products and services they bring to market. We own and operate 18 focus group facilities located strategically in major markets across the United States and are considered a leader in the qualitative and quantitative marketing research data collection space.

FPG recruits participants from our 1.6 million member, deeply-profiled national panel.