STARS Online Product Review Program™

Working with both national retailers and small businesses alike, the STARS Online Product Review Program™ provides completely honest and objective online customer reviews.

STARS Online Product Review Progam™ allows you to place your product into the hands of consumers who test the product and then participate in a marketing research process, including writing and submitting an objective product review that is posted to your website.

Powered by a national panel of 1.6 million members who sign up to participate in a wide range of marketing research studies, STARS is uniquely positioned to target the right evaluators for your product.

Stars works with major national retailers and manufacturers as well as smaller businesses to provide honest evaluations based on the consumer’s experience using the product.

Today more than ever, consumers want to know they can trust businesses to provide a positive experience before deciding to make a purchase.

84% of consumers say they trust online peer reviews as much as personal recommendations. -Brightlocal

Can online product reviews have the same impact as personal recommendations?

The answer is an overwhelming “yes.” 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Keep in mind that that “yes” has one major condition – The evaluation must be authentic.

Authenticity of consumer reviews is a key factor in whether or not consumers trust them. Consumers don’t blindly trust peer evaluations and exercise judgment to determine if they are genuine. STARS Online Product Review Program™ ensures that the evaluations your product receives are 100% authentic, based on the evaluator’s own experience in using the product.

(Survey conducted by BrightLocal)

Ratings and reviews drive product-specific traffic to retailer sites from major search engines.

STARS Online Product Review Program™ is fueled by a panel of 1.6 million opt-in members.

With a panel of 1.6 million of opt-in members from a variety of unique ethnographic and demographic backgrounds, STARS has virtually instantaneous access to almost every segment of the U.S. population.

Because our panelists register to participate in a wide range of marketing research projects, including focus groups, product testing, mystery shopping, online opinion surveys, and one-on-one interviews, we meet or speak directly with them on an ongoing basis. Through a stringent vetting process, we make sure that your evaluators are articulate and engaged.

Product reviews not only boost SEO - they establish that critical sense of trust by providing feedback from other consumers who have experience with your products.

STARS Online Product Review Program™ is simple and easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Products are selected by the vendor and sent directly to the evaluator by the STARS team or manufacturer.
  • Evaluators are recruited based on target demographics and vendor specifications. Evaluators agree to write a detailed, objective assessment of the product in addition to completing a marketing research survey about their experience using the product.
  • Evaluators receive an email with a direct link to the product. STARS dedicated project team monitors the evaluation process and follows up with reminder emails and phone calls as needed.
  • Evaluators are not influenced on the content of their assessment, nor is it possible to preview or edit the text submitted in this process.
Online consumer evaluations validate a company’s claim and instill trust in prospective customers.

As a customer, what is the first thing you do when you are thinking of buying a product?

Research the product, right? You look on the manufacturer’s or seller’s website More than product information, it is peer reviews that help determine whether the product you are thinking of choosing is actually worth it.

Online consumer evaluations validate a company’s claim and instill trust in prospective customers – proving to be a great way for businesses to reach out to new customers and also retain old ones.

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