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The Reviewer Exposed: What you need to know!

An FPG Sponsored Webinar:

Online reviews have a major impact on your business, but who are the reviewers and how can you motivate them?

What do personality types have to do with writing product reviews? Everything! Based on proprietary research, this webinar will focus on what motivates a consumer to write (or not write) a review, personality characteristics of a great reviewer, and how to target the right reviewers.

Join us!
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
1:00 PM ET



You will learn:

  • What motivates people to write – and keep writing –  reviews: Perceptions vs. reality
  • How we can get more people to write reviews
  • Personality types of reviewers and how to reach them
  • Why people don’t write reviews and how to change that

 Meet Our Presenters

Wally Balden 
Managing Director, Online Research
Focus Pointe Global

Wally Balden has been in the marketing research business for the past 38 years, with the last 20 dedicated to online research. He has served on the supplier side, client side and as an end user of research in various product management and marketing positions. He is a recognized authority for online data collection methods and data quality and has been a frequent speaker on these topics at research events around the globe. In his current role he is responsible for creating, developing and managing all online qualitative solutions at FPG.


Tim Houlihan
Chief Behavioral Strategist

Tim is a bridge connecting the corporate world with fresh ideas by means of research, analysis, executive education and design. For Tim, behavioral sciences are a lens to apply to strategic business issues using research and executive education with companies around the world. He has partnered with researchers at Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Harvard, Quinnipiac and Monmouth Universities and is always on the prowl for new insights into human behavior.

Before he launched BehaviorAlchemy, he was the Vice President of Reward Systems at BI WORLDWIDE.  He was responsible for the development and marketing of a $300 million portfolio of global reward systems, the firm’s thought leader in behavioral economics, and for partnerships with academic colleagues from leading universities around the world.


Penny Trenter
Director, Emerging Business
Focus Pointe Global

Penny Trenter has consulted with the Fortune 1000 for 20+ years to deliver solutions that turn client’s objectives into reality.  Her ability to establish, nurture, and expand solid relationships while managing complex programs is the foundation for her measurable successes as a sales strategist. As FPG’s Director, Emerging Business, Penny is focused on expanding our Emerging business lines, including our new FPG Think Tank™ platform.